D-Town Beatdown League

End Zone Bar & Grill | 3033 W Parker Road | Plano, TX 75023

4:00pm – 10:00pm | $10 Entry Fee
EMAIL: Reggie for more information.
PARTICIPATE IN: Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition | Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 | Tekken Tag 2 | Blaz Blu

Versus Gameplay is proud to present bi-weekly casuals at the End Zone Bar and Grill. Join us every other Sunday from 4pm-10pm as we compete in multiple casuals. Also, show your skills as we host a Street Fighter League to find the top Street Fighter players in north Texas. After all league events, the pot money will be used to send top players to future events to represent Texas. We will have other games on hand as well. We will keep you informed on more detailed league information soon.

Our first bi-weekly event was May 25th. There will be a minimum of five set-ups. If you are unable to attend you can watch the competition on Twitch. It is $10 for everyone attending. $5 goes to the pot and the other $5 goes toward food and drinks for everyone. The End Zone Bar and Grill will provide all attendees with a drink and platter for us to share during the event. Alcoholic beverages are available separately, but you will have to be 21+ to order. Please join us for an exciting event showcasing the best players in Dallas. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Reggie@VersusNetplay.com. We look forward to seeing you every other Sunday.

Street Fighter IV League 1st 18

Jonathan Molina
Andre West
Joseph Love
Nick Johnson
Sal Memon

Casey Dillon
Chris Acosta
Terrence Boykin
Andy Garza

Jose Sanchez
Adnan Degala
Arthur Williams
Ryan Stegall

Steve Gutierrez
Kerry Phung
Chaz Busby

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