Texas Bar Fights 15

Texas Bar Fights 15 was held this weekend at the Shipping and Receiving Bar in Fort Worth, TX. Team VGP rolled out in full force to compete. This was the first local monthly event since the team has been revamped. It was a good test to see how the team would respond as we work to solidify and strengthen the VGP brand. Other questions would be answered at this event as well. VGP Joe Love aka Good Meal Joe would be making his Ultra Street Fighter 4 debut. Would his Evil Ryu and Cody be ready to take it to the competition? Would the trio of Nashfan, cHaotix, and Integra be able to take first, second, and third place for a third straight time? Well here is how it played out:

Team VGP final placings:

1st VGP Nashfan  |  2nd VGP cHaotix  |  5th VGP Joe Love  |  7th VGP Integra

All four VGP players had a strong showing, finishing in the Top 8. While VGP Integra was playing well all day, he ended up losing some very close rounds against Jan, one of the better players in Texas, and his Hugo. Once in loser’s, he was caught in a matchup against a character he has little experience against, Poison, who was being used by Danke, better known as one of the best Marvel players in the South. It’s a loss that Integra wishes he could have back, but he paid the price for not being familiar with a matchup. Another lesson learned for him, and he will surely get back to the lab and fill up those holes in his knowledge.

VGP Joe Love played well overall, although he did get dropped into the loser’s bracket earlier than any of the other VGP players. It was his first tournament for Ultra. Being the strong player that he is, Joe got into his groove and made a push deep into the tournament with Evil Ryu. When the going got tough, he tried to pull out the character that got him on the map, Cody. It was too little too late however, and Joe finished 5th after losing to Synx’s Viper. You can expect Mr. Love to be in among the top placers as he gets more tournament experience in Ultra.

VGP cHaotix continues to make his case for being one of the best Dudley players in the country. He was undefeated all the way until Winner’s Semi’s, where he ran into a similar fate as his teammate Integra, being put into loser’s by Jan. However, when he met Jan again in the loser’s finals, he impressively showed an ability to make some strategy adjustments and get the win that counted most. It secured the 1-2 placing for VGP.

If there was one word to summarize VGP Nashfan‘s day it would be dominant. He was undefeated in tournament play all day long, including a 3-0 sweep of his teammate cHaotix in the grand finals. In winner’s finals, Jan’s grapplers had no answer for Nashfan’s ability to keep him out with Chun Li’s zoning game. In grand finals, Nashfan showed for the 3rd time that his teammate cHaotix still has some work to do in order to beat him. Nashfan is now 3 for 3, taking first place in all of the tournaments he has entered so far in Ultra Street Fighter 4. Let’s hope he stays hungry and doesn’t rest on his laurels, as the game is still early! We look forward to seeing his game, and his name, grow in the coming weeks and months!

Overall, the team represented very well. They are gearing up for Evo, as it is rapidly approaching. As the team gains more strength and notoriety, they will become more of a target for competitors from all over. Teamwork, knowledge sharing, and hard training are the only ways they can succeed. We hope the team continues to push each other as they train to take on the rest of the country. We aim to work hard to better ourselves, so that we can dominate the competition. Be sure to checkout the team streaming on the Versus Gameplay channel, as well as on PandaxGaming.

If you are looking to compete against and learn from these players, come out to D-Town Beatdown on July 5th for the final tune up before the big dance!

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