Texas Standoff COD Tournament – 09/2014

UTD | 2801 Rutford Ave. | Richardson, TX 75080  |  Conference Hall  |  Xbox 360

Start 12:00pm Sharp | Doors open at 10:30am
Online Team Pass $240 ($260 at door) | Online Spectator Pass $15 per person ($20 at door)
24 TEAM MAXIMUM | Double Elimination | 4v4 Payout  | 70% 1st | 30% 2nd

Texas Standoff is the second event hosted under Versus Gameplay in the DFW area. With the help of Team Evolution, Versus Gameplay will offer an entertaining and challenging event. Join the competition September 20th and 21st at Texas Standoff as the top teams around the DFW area compete for the number one spot as top dog! We highly recommend that you purchase your Competitor Pass as soon as possible as quantities are limited. Part of the collected venue fees will be used to help the UTD Lacrosse team raise funds for their up and coming season. Texas Standoff will be hosted September 20th and 21st. Be sure to get your team pass now as quantities are limited! If we do not sell out of the passes online then they will be $260.00 at the door.

To stay updated on the event, please follow Team Evolution on Twitter @EvolutionNA , and Versus Gameplay @VersusGameplay. Most games will be streamed live. Fill free to contact us if you are interested in COD casting. Hope to see you there!

Screens and consoles will be provided. Bring your own wired controller, game, wired headset, and mixamp. Please review the link for rules. CoD eSports rules will be used.

Freight – Domination
Freight – Blitz
Freight – Search & Destroy
Octane – Domination
Octane – Blitz
Octane – Search & Destroy
Sovereign – Domination
Sovereign – Search & Destroy
Strike Zone – Domination
Warhawk – Blitz
Warhawk – Search & Destroy

Time Limit: 5 Minutes
Score Limit: Unlimited
Number of Lives: Unlimited
Respawn Delay: 5 Seconds

Time Limit: 5 Minutes
Score Limit: Unlimited
Respawn Delay: 5 Seconds
Number of Lives: Unlimited
Note: Domination matches will consist of two rounds, one round played from each spawn. Scores will be added together to determine the winner. In the event of a tie in score, the map must be replayed.

Search and Destroy
Round Length: 1.5 Minutes
Bomb Timer: 45 Seconds
Plant Time: 5 Seconds
Defuse Time: 7.5 Seconds
Multi Bomb: Disabled
Score Limit: 6
Round Switch: Every Round
Number of Lives: 1 Life

Max Health: Normal
Health Regeneration: Normal
Create Default Loadouts: None
Spectating: Team-Only
Killcam: Enabled
Radar Always On: No
Wave Spawn Delay: None
Force Respawn: Enabled
Friendly Fire: Enabled
Perks: Enabled
Hardcore Mode: Disabled
Headshots Only: Disabled
Field Orders: Disabled
Loadout Restrictions: Enabled
Custom Loadout Restrictions: None
3rd Person Spectating: Disabled

Banned Weapons
Secondary Launchers
MSBS Assault Rifle
All Marksman Rifles
Riot Shield
The Ripper
Golden PDW
Golden Knife
Ameli Light Machine Gun
M27-IAR Light Machine Gun
LSAT Light Machine Gun
Bulldog Shotgun

Banned Lethals
Canister Bomb

Banned Tacticals
Motion Sensor

Banned Attachments
Grenade Launcher
Rapid Fire
Select Fire
Tracker Sight

Banned Kill Streaks
All Support
All Assault
Specialists (All Restricted Perks, See Below)

Banned Perks
Danger Close
Extra Tactical
Extra Lethal

Restricted Special Uniforms
Ghillie Suit
Extinction Medic with Gender = Female
Extinction Engineer with Gender = Female
Extinction Tank with Gender = Female
Extinction Specialist with Gender = Female


1. Rules are subject to change at any time. Please check them prior to each tournament.

2. Abuse of volunteer staff will not be tolerated. Violators risk disqualification and/or temporary ban.

3.If you’re having issues creating or joining a team, it is your responsibility to contact Live Support prior to the start of the tournament.

4.Referees have the right to make any calls necessary to ensure a match is completed fairly and efficiently. A referee’s word is law and must be obeyed. If you disagree with a referee’s decision, please contact Management immediately.

5.If your match is disputed, it is your responsibility to contact Live Support with evidence readily available.

6.Account recovering is prohibited. The IP address of the GamerTag registered with the account and on the team profile must match the IP in-game.

7.For media purposes, teams may be required to comply upon request to have a staff member present to spectate their matchups.

Note: 3rd and 4th place is determined by the winning team. 3rd place goes to the team that lost to the winner of the finals. The other semi-finals loser will receive 4th place.


Eligibility is not a factor in Round 1 of a tournament. If you are displaying “Ineligible” after Round 1, you will not be able to play. This is either due to not having a Callsign on your roster spot, or because you have joined your team or made a roster update within the past 30 minutes. While ineligible, you are not allowed to play in tournament matches past the first round. Once eligible, you are allowed to join your team’s match whenever you are ready.

If you change your gamertag at any point, your eligibility will reset and you will have to wait an additional 30 minutes.

It is the hosting team’s responsibility to verify eligibility prior to the start of a game. If the hosting team starts a map with an ineligible player on their team, they are subject to disqualification. If the non-hosting team has an ineligible player present when the map is started, it is assumed that the hosting team allowed the player to play, and the result of the map will stand.


VGP reserves the right to remove teams from the tournament if necessary. Because many teams do not fill their rosters, we allow the amount of tournament participants to exceed the tournament capacity. Before the start of a tournament, we will then remove the necessary amount of teams to fill the bracket. Teams will only be removed if they are ineligible to participate.

The rosters lock about an hour after a tournament begins. Once this lock occurs, you will no longer be able to make changes to your roster. If you attempt to remove your callsign from your profile to add another, you may become ineligible and unable to participate in the event.

No Shows

If your opponent does not appear for a match within thirty minutes of the time in which the match was scheduled, please contact live support. The referee will then attempt to verify the no-show claim, and additional time may be allowed before issuing a disqualification.


Both teams are responsible for reporting the match within 15 minutes after its completion. If only one team reports, then that score will automatically take effect after 15-to-30 minutes have elapsed. If a match has been disputed, please contact Live Support with valid evidence ready to be presented.

Valid Proof

VGP requests that you record matches with picture or video evidence. If a match is disputed, these items will be requested to verify the claim. Without valid proof, a match result cannot be overturned. Relying on theater mode may cost you a game as you cannot trust it to always capture your matches. A third-party capture device is recommended. If a match is disputed and neither team has visual evidence of a win, the entire match will be replayed. No exceptions.

All conversations between users are not considered for proof. This includes but is not limited to AIM, E-Mail, Xbox Live Messaging, or Skype.

Pictures will only be considered valid evidence if the picture provides a clear, indisputable view of the entire scoreboard, containing all gamertags and scores.


If a player is disconnected, that player’s team must end or leave the game within 20 seconds of the disconnect. That map will then be replayed from the time and score in which the map was ended. In Search and Destroy, the active round must be completed after a player has been disconnected. If the map is completed, the result will stand. If a team leaves or ends the game after the allotted time, the team may be disqualified.

If you are in Round 1 and the opposing team has two or less players, please be patient as you will be automatically receiving a win shortly. If, by 30 minutes after the match time, you have still yet to receive your win, please contact Live Support.

Once a map is started, any pre-game rule issues become invalid. This includes but is not limited to no-shows or ineligible players. Starting the map and playing past the initial start assumes that you allowed this to take place.

If the hosting team has incorrect settings and the map is ended prematurely, please contact live support. While all maps are supposed to be played to their entirety, a referee may make a ruling where the hosting team loses a round or replays the entire map. Our goal at VGP is to provide a fair chance to both teams at all times. We do not wish to give teams free wins.


It is highly recommended that players appear offline during a match. If an ineligible player enters the room, ask them to leave. If they leave within 30 seconds, the match will continue. If the player kills anyone, plants/defuses a bomb, touches a flag or remains in the match for more than 30 seconds, the host is required to end the game immediately and restart it from the score and time in which the player entered the room.

Teams are allowed to play shorthanded by one person. You cannot play a game if you are missing two or more of your players. When playing shorthanded, an eligible player on the roster is allowed to join and fill the missing position during a game.

DO NOT play exhibition matches against potential future opponents on the same day of an VNP tournament, if you have no intention of it counting toward the final result of your match. If pictures are submitted of a match against the correct teams on the correct maps, it will be taken as evidence.

The hosting team has five minutes to start a game in between maps. If the host does not comply, please contact Live Support immediately.

If an unintended glitch occurs to your team beyond your control (such as the Trophy System glitch) and potentially causes your team to lose a map and it can be confirmed with video evidence, a referee may (but does not have to) require the map to be replayed from the time and score in which the glitch first took place.

If a team commits suicide or team kills within the first 10 seconds of Raid Hardpoint, the opposing team may end or leave the game within 10 seconds of this act. Repeated acts may result in disqualification of the offending team.


In a “Best-of-Three,” the higher team on the bracket will host the first map, while the lower team will host the second and third. The non-hosting team will choose the faction.

In a “Best-of-Five,” the higher team on the bracket will host the first two maps, while the lower team will host the final three. The non-hosting team will choose the faction.

In a “Best-of-Seven,” the higher team on the bracket will host the first two maps, the lower team will host the following three maps, and the initial host for the final two. A 2-3-2 (AABBBAA) rotation. The non-hosting team will choose the faction.

It is required that a “Lag Test” is performed prior to the start of each map. The Lag Test must last 30 seconds, and cannot be played on a map or game mode used within the tournament. If two or more NA players are in two bar, or two or more non-NA players are in red bar, that host will be considered unacceptable, and a new host must be chosen.

If any player on the losing team is in red bar for longer than 40 seconds total throughout the entire map, the map must be replayed from the time and score in which the red bar started. If the red bar continues, the team may have to play shorthanded. If a player disconnects during the game, the map will be replayed from the time and score in which the disconnect occurred. If it happens a second time, the team must play shorthanded until they can find a suitable substitute.

The initial start of a map is before a kill takes place, a bomb is planted, a flag is touched, a hardpoint is captured, or the first 30 seconds of a map.

If the host of a game disconnects after the initial start of a map, the map will be be replayed from the time and score in which the host was dropped.

If a non-hosting player is disconnected, the map will be replayed from the time and score in which the player disconnected. If it happens in a Search and Destroy, the round in progress MUST be completed and the score after the end of that round will be recorded as the point in which the replay takes place.
Only players located within the contiguous United States or Canada may host maps in this tournament.

If a game has incorrect settings, the map must be played to its entirety. If the non-hosting team wins, the result will stand. If the hosting team wins, the map must be replayed. Ending a game prematurely may result in a forfeit of the hosting team.

If Game Recording is disabled, the map will be replayed unless the non-hosting team wins.

If Team Swapping is allowed, the typical host settings rule is applied. However, if the non-hosting team joins the opposing team and makes the game ultimately unplayable, the game will be ended and replayed. If the hosting team does this, the hosting team will be forfeited and suspended from the website.

If a player joins the wrong team at the beginning of a match, the map must be restarted.


A player cannot leave the normal boundaries of a map or abuse any unintended in-game mechanics. Doing so will result in disqualification and a possible ban.

Use of any illegal items will result in a forfeit.

Because of a glitch involving Ghost and radar, the Ghost perk, UAV, and Counter-UAV have been banned. Any attempts to perform this exploit will result in permanent suspension from the website.

All settings, and most importantly Game Recording, are expected to be followed as-is. Failure to comply may result in a forfeit of the hosting team.

A player cannot go into spectator mode (CodCaster) for any reason after the initial start. While it is not the hosting team’s responsibility to disable CodCaster from the game, there is no reason to use the CodCasting feature if you are an in-game player. Going into spectator mode may result in a forfeit of the map.

Please note that falsely disputing any match that you lost may result in suspension from the website. Further more, if you have any prizes pending from the same event, these winnings may be forfeit upon suspension.

Any teams with members participating in multiple tournaments scheduled at the same time will be forfeited. This delays the tournament significantly. If one of your players are doing this, you need to remove them from your team immediately or have your substitute play until they’re finished. The other tournament must be taking place at the time in which we are notified of the accusation and we must have evidence of the player competing in both. If the team is not delaying the tournament and playing with a substitute, they may not be disqualified.

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