Team VGP at EVO 2014

By July 23, 2014Tournament

The Dallas-Ft.Worth area is home to one of the strongest up and coming communities in the country, and some of our best were on display at the biggest event of the year Evolution 2014. Nashfan, cHaotix, and Integra made the trip out to Las Vegas, NV to compete, and below is a summary of how they did.

The competition started before the first tournament match was played, of course. Team VGP made a stop in several hotel rooms to get matches in against players who had checked in early, including a matches against the players from Cobra Kai Dojo in Mexico. Both Nashfan and Integra did very well in those matches against the Mexican competitors. It was a great warm up for the actual tournament. Thanks to them for being so hospitable to us! We look forward to crossing paths with them in the future.

Integra got off to a great start in his pool, winning his first two matches without much trouble at all. Things got a little tough in his third match, when he was matched up against a Vega player from Canada. Integra won his the first game of the set, but the Vega player rallied back thanks to some serious support from his entourage. Integra was able to settle down and take the final game of the set, but it was very tense all the way through. That win set the stage for a winner’s finals matchup versus Ryan Harvey (aka Fubarduck) from Arcade UFO in Austin, TX. That set also went down to the last round of the last game, but Integra was unable to pull out the win and was sent to losers. In the losers finals match of his pool, Integra ran into a Chun Li player, and although the match was very close, he was able to pull out the win to advance out of his pool on the loser’s side.

VGP Nashfan and VGP cHaotix cruised through their pools. This included both players getting solid wins on the Evo stream. Both advanced out on the winner’s side of their pool. Nashfan ran into trouble in Semifinals. He was matched up against a top Japanese Poison player and knocked into losers in his first game. Nash fought hard in the loser’s bracket, but he ultimately met his end when he lost to a Rufus player from Southern California. It was a painful loss for him, but it only fuels his fire for upcoming events. cHaotix had an incredible run in Semifinals, running through a slew of players in winners including Noel Brown and Mad Catz own, Ryan Hart. Mr. cHaotix was one win away from making top 32 when he was knocked into losers by Taiga, a Japanese Yun player. Later he ended up losing to Ryan Hart in the double jeopardy run back.

Overall, all of the VGP players did well at Evo 2014, all 3 players advanced out of their pool, and cHaotix made it all the way to 33rd place out of almost 2000 entrants. We are already looking forward to 2015! From this experience, the hunger only gets deeper. The DFW community at large is leveling up and will continue to prepare to make an even bigger impression on the national stage leading up to the next Evo. Come see what we have in store at Absolute Battle in November!

– FGC Manager Ryan Champ

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