Work Hard, Play Hard: A Letter from The FGC Manager

By July 7, 2014News

I love competitive gaming. And I love the FGC. I really do. Through the ups and downs: (few) miraculous highs and (many) painful/humbling lows, there is something about it that always makes you come back.

The thing I want competitive gamers to realize is that there is nothing wrong with taking it seriously. Outside of financial responsibility, being true to family and friends, and being a productive member of society, there are few things more “real” in life than pushing yourself to the highest levels of excellence in your craft, whatever that craft may be. Further, taking everything you know about yourself, and putting it to the test in battle is a rush unlike any other. You don’t have to let “real life” create some barrier that keeps you from enriching your life with high endeavors. These things are not mutually exclusive; you can have both, and have both parts of your life made better because of that balance. So grind hard, train, win, lose, learn, rest, party, then do it all over again until you reach your goals. Regardless of whether you get there or not, you will be positively changed in the process.

– I.C.E.

Ryan Champ, “IceColdEdge”
FGC Manager of Team VGP

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