League Information

By February 24, 2015 Fighter, Leagues, Tournament

Get solid competitive practice against DFW’s best!

Leagues begin Friday, February 27th. This is the perfect opportunity for competitive players to get practice for upcoming events and majors. Join us at VGArcade as we host weekly events with monthly rewards!

• Held every week.
• Season is four weeks long.
• Double elimination format.
• Points will be allocated weekly to top 8 placers.
• Top 8 point holders will compete on the 5th week in a double elimination playoff.
• Arcade entry (by the day or by the month) + $5 towards weekly winners pot to participate.
• Maximum of 50 participants in each league.

*Fightsticks will be issued to the monthly winners of the Ultra Street Fighter IV and the Guilty Gear XRD League. Prize for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 will be announced at a later date. Specific fightstick designs may vary. Terms subject to change. Visit the arcade for more details.

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