Sinistar – Williams Arcade Classic from 1982

By April 29, 2015 Arcade

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Williams’ video games are some of the most coveted by collectors for their unusual gameplay and difficulty. Sinistar combines all of this in one of very few games that Williams put out with a vertical screen.

A small, triangular fighter ship is maneuvered by the player through a series of “Zones” in the galaxy. The player must blast Sinisite crystals out of planetoids while fending off attacking enemy drones and Warrior ships. Collect enough crystals to destroy the evil Sinistar before he kills you.*

This game is disturbing to many who play as Sinistar’s voice is rather unnerving.  Once assembled he howls and screams and warns you by saying, “Beware, I live!”. Gameplay is enhanced by a very unusual 49-way joystick that is very difficult to find and cannot be easily reproduced by emulators or modern game systems.

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