Street Fighter III – Third Strike Arcade Cabinet

By April 1, 2015 Arcade

Arcade cabinets at Versus Gameplay Arcade do not require quarters!  Arcade machines are Free-To-Play with your VGArcade pass.

This is the most sought after Street Fighter arcade title and one of the Top 10 Fighting Games Of All Time. We have a fully restored Street Fighter III – Third Strike cabinet by Capcom from 1999.

One of the most notable things about Third Strike, is that this version added five new characters (six, if you count Gouki/Akuma, who was a hidden character in Street Fighter III 2nd Impact – Giant Attack) to the rosters such as Chun Li (from Street Fighter II), Makoto (a judo expert), Twelve (another Gill clone), Q (who resembles a Japanese superhero similar to Tetsujin 28) and Remy (a Guile/Nash clone). This game also marked the return of bonus rounds which were last present in Super Street Fighter II.*

Restoration of this game is particularly challenging as the system loses its encryption key when the batteries die on the mother board. We have searched high & low and this may be the only Street Fighter III – Third Strike available for free-play in the USA. Come play it today at Versus Gameplay Arcade!

We have many full-size, old-school, arcade classics that are free-to-play at VGArcade.

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