Texas Standoff – 2v2 COD: Advanced Warfare

By July 13, 2015 Shooter, Tournament

Versus Gameplay Arcade  |  9750 Walnut St., Suite #194  |  Dallas, TX 75243
Located inside Walnut Street Mall next to Swayz Restaurant

Xbox One  |  Start 12:00pm | Doors and Signups open at 9:00am
Team Pass $60 at the door | Double Elimination | 2v2 Payout  | 70% 1st | 30% 2nd

Texas Standoff is an FPS event hosted by Versus Gameplay in the DFW area. With the help of Team Evolution, Versus Gameplay will offer an entertaining and challenging 2v2 event. Join the competition August 1st as the top tag teams around the DFW area compete for number one. Be sure to come out to Versus Gameplay Arcade to fight and meet with other teams in the metroplex.

To stay updated on the event, please follow Team Evolution on Twitter @EvolutionNA , and Versus Gameplay @VersusGameplay. Most games will be streamed live. Fill free to contact us if you are interested in COD casting. Hope to see you there!

Screens and consoles will be provided. Bring your own wired controller, game, wired headset, and mixamp.

COD Advance 2v2 Rules

  • Tournament Type: Double Elimination
  • Tournament Size: 12 Teams
  • Players In Match: 2 v 2
  • Games Per Round: Best 3 of 5
  • 60$ per team. $40 goes to the pot.

General Settings

  • Pre-Match Timer: 15 seconds
  • Pre-Round Timer: 5 Seconds
  • Dynamic Events: Enabled
  • Map ScoreStreaks: Enabled
  • Team Switching: Enabled
  • Spectating Team Only
  • Spectating POV: First Person
  • KillCam: Enabled
  • Mini-Map: Normal
  • Battle Chatter: Disabled
  • Announcer: Enabled
  • Force Respawn: Enabled
  • Wave Spawn Delay: None
  • Suicide Penalty: None
  • Team Kill Penalty: None
  • Hardcore Mode: Disabled
  • Health: Normal
  • Health Regen: Normal
  • Friendly Fire: Enabled
  • Explosive Delay: None
  • ScoreStreak Delay: 10 Seconds
  • Selections Allowed: 13

Search and Destroy

  • Round Length: 1.5 Minutes
  • Score Limit: 6 Rounds
  • Bomb Timer: 45 Seconds
  • Plant Time: 5 second
  • Defuse Time: 7.5 Seconds
  • Multi Bomb: Disabled
  • Round Switch: Every Round
  • Silent Plant: Enabled
  • Number of Lives: 1
  • Search and Destroy – Bio Lab
  • Search and Destroy – Detroit
  • Search and Destroy – Recovery
  • Search and Destroy – Riot
  • Search and Destroy – Solar
  • Search and Destroy – Terrace

Item Restrictions

Any item not listed below is allowed to be used in this competition. Use of any of the restricted items below are subject to the penalties listed in the Penalties section of this rules page.


  • All Secondary Launchers
  • All Primary Specials
  • All Supply Drop Weapons    Attachments
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Akimbo
  • Tracker

Exo Launcher

  • Tracking Drone
  • Explosive Drone    Wild Cards
  • Bombardier

Score Streaks

  • UAV
  • Orbital Care Package
  • System Hack    Score Streaks Modules
  • Bombing Run Carepackage
  • XS1 Goliath Recon
  • Support Modules

Exo Abilities

  • Ping
  • Stim
  • Cloak

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