What is Versus Gameplay?

Versus Gameplay is an up and running company that caters to the Texas community by hosting some of the biggest tournaments in Texas. Our goal is to create fun and organized leagues and tournaments, featuring a variety of video games. Sessions will be held on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and soon to be Xbox One. The prize for top placements is good old fashion cash! Some leagues will offer bonus cash pots, video games prizes, or gift cards. More games are being added every month, so check back often to see when your favorite game is ready for Game Play.

  • Versus Gameplay was founded in 2011 by Reginald Jeffery and Michelle Rosas.
  • We host recreational video game leagues and tournaments online or at a desired location, such as bars, sports venues and gaming stores.


 Joseph “GoodMealJoe” Love (@tostitosalsa) – USF4


Andre “cHaotix” West (@HeyItscHaotix) – USF4

Nick “Nashfan” Johnson (@SoSickNASHFAN) – USF4, DOA5

Jonathan “Integra” Molina (@VGP_Integra) – USF4


Who is Team Evolution?

Evolution was not always known by the name “Evolution”. It use to be called “InFamous Skills”, It all began at a Local LAN Tournament in Mesquite, Texas at GameTrade for Modern Warfare 3 in February of 2012. Michael “Shadow” White was recently released off his team that won the last LAN Tournament hosted by GameTrade for Black Ops 1 , so he put together a team made up of 3 PS3 Players and 1 Xbox Player, which were Christopher “Wuts Sharing” Montez, Alex “BigA” Montez, Daniel “Torture” Sturdevant, and Ryan “Requiem” Martinez. Though the team had lost in the first round, the LAN was not a total disaster; they did end up meeting Andrew “Frost” Quintero there. After the LAN, Michael, Chris, and Andrew, had talked about making a return to Competitive Call of Duty for Modern Warfare 3, and needed a Team Name, thus Evolution was born. Since the team was made, we have seen few roster changed over time, but one thing has set this team apart from almost any other team, and that is that the original 3 members of the team are still a part of it. Over time, the team has ended up winning numerous Online Tournaments, placing High in Local Tournaments, as well as beating Top Teams and Pro Teams, such as New Breed, D2K, FoRce, FeaR, and Quantic. One of the biggest Fan bases that Evolution has is that of the vVv Gaming Community. Without vVv Gaming, the team would not be where it is today, and we thank them for that. The team is currently now competing under the title of Black Ops 2, and will transfer over to Ghosts, once it is released. We plan on making a big impact on the Texas Competitive Call of Duty Scene as well as the North American Call of Duty Scene and plan on placing Pro at the end of Black Ops 2, or in Ghosts.

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