February 11, 2017

Versus Gameplay

Online Tournament $80 per team of 5. $60 towards pot, $20 to tournament fee. | Online sign-up TBA

Attention all. In order to prepare for Choctaw Festival of Gaming’s 10k Battleborn event, Versus Gameplay will host an online qualifying event.

  • Feb 11th starting at 11 am central time
  • The event will be streamed on the VersusGameplay’s Twitch channel. https://www.twitch.tv/versusgameplay
  • $80 per team of. $60 goes to the pot, $20 goes to tournament fees. Online registration will be done via smash.gg
  • First place is a 70% payout of the player pot. Second place is a 30% payout.
  • Gearbox will also sponsor the top two teams for the Choctaw Festival of Gaming, March 3rd, 4th, and 5th.


  • Tournament Rules/Format
    – Platform: PS4
    – GameType: 5v5 Captains Draft Mode
    – Game Modes: Meltdown and Incursion
    – Maps: The Striking System will be used to determine Maps and Sides
    – Gear Set: No Legendaries
    – Matches: Best of 3
    Game 1: Meltdown
    Game 2: Incursion
    Game 3: Meltdown
    – Brackets are located on Smash.gg
    – For more information please refer to the FAQ


  • Subsitutions
    – A limit of 2 substitutable players per Team will be limited to the Online Qualifier.
    – All substitutable players per Team must be unique.
    – If your Team places in the Top 2 of the Online Qualifier only 5 of the 7 Players will be flown out.
  • Match Reporting
    – A new Discord Channel will be made for this Online Qualifier to which the Captains of every team will be invited to join the Discord.
    – After a match has been completed the Captain will share a picture to the Report Channel, of the outcome of ALL games, with the names of Both Teams.
    – The Ladder will then be updated on Smash.gg and Captains will be informed of their next opponent in the Upcoming Match’s Channel


  • Disputes
    – If a Legendary Item is activated then that will result in a map forfeit. Picture Proof must be submitted showing the other team having the Legendary Item activated to Discord in the Dispute’s Channel
    – Any Dispute’s regarding the Outcome of the Match, as well as Gameplay during the Match, must be reported in the Dispute’s Channel
    – If a Tournament Admin is needed for Match Escalation you can request for one in the Support’s Channel


  • Payout

1st place: 70% of the player pot, free travel and hotel for the on-site Choctaw tournament in March including studio tour of Gearbox

2nd place: 30% of the player pot, free travel and hotel for the on-site Choctaw tournament in March including studio tour of Gearbox

Choctaw Festival of Gaming Details!

Contact Reggie@versusgameplay.com with any questions.com

See you online!

Choctaw Festival of Gaming and Online Qualifier - Battleborn FAQ

Q : How do Non-PS4 Players Participate in the Online Qualifier?
A : Unfortunately Cross-Platform play is not supported, therefore you have to be on a PS4 in order to Participate in the Online Qualifier!

Q : What is the point of the Online Qualifier?
A : The Online Qualifier is to help determine seeding at the Main Event! It is also determine which teams will be Flown out to the Event and given a tour of Gearbox!

Q : Can I still go to the Main Tournament at Choctaw if I do not participate in the Online Qualifier?
A : Yes even if you do not participate in the Online Qualifier you can still attend the Choctaw Festival of Gaming to compete. Your team will just be given a random seeding.

Q : Will you guys be streaming the Online Qualifier?
A : Yes we will! The stream will be on www.twitch.tv/VersusGameplay !

Q : Can we stream our point-of-view during the Online Qualifier?
A : Sure! Just be sure to promote the Main Stream!

Q : Will there be a Discord for this Online Qualifier?
A : Yes! One is in the process of being made and a link will be distributed to all the Captains to join prior to the start of the event.

Q : Where and How do I report my Matches?
A : You can report your Matches by providing Picture Proof of all Games involved in your current Match with the names of both teams in the Report Channel of the Discord.

Q : If I have any questions during the Event where can I ask them?
A : You can ask them in the Support Channel on Discord.

Q : What if a Team uses a Legendary Item during the Online Qualifier?
A : The use of a Legendary Item during the Online Qualifier will result in a Map forfeit. It is the responsibility of the opposing team to take picture proof of the opposition having activated the Legendary Item. You can report this with the picture proof in the Disputes Channel on Discord.

Q : What if we have a Dispute regarding the outcome of the match, or gameplay during the match?
A : All Disputes must be reported in the Disputes Channel.

Q : How do we get a Tournament Admin if Match Escalation is needed?
A : You can request to have one in the Support Channel on Discord. Be sure to state your reason for Match Escalation while requesting for an Administrator.

Q : What is the Strike System for Map Voting?
A : The Strike System is something similar to what they use in other Esports. For Map 1, Team A will choose one map to not be played, Team B will then choose the other map to not be played, the Third Map will be the one that is played. Team A will then either choose Team 1 or Team 2. Team B will be the remaining team. For Map 2, it will be the exact same except Team B will choose the Map First and will choose what Team they would like to be on. For Map 3, it will be the exact same as Map 1. Team A will be the Top Seeded team for this Tournament, whereas Team B will be the Lowest Seeded team.

EX : Game Mode : Incursion – Team 1 chooses to strike Echelon, Team 2 chooses to strike Monuments, remaining Map to be played is Overgrowth! Team 1 chooses Team A’s side, Team 2 will then be on Team B’s side.

Q : What are the Gear Rules for the Online Qualifier?
A : Anything is allowed to use but Legendaries!

Q : Is the Gear set for the Online Qualifier the same as the Main Tournament?
A : No it is not, the Main Tournament has a dedicated Gear Set.

Q : Where can I find the Gear Rules for the Main Tournament?
A : The allowed pieces of Gear for the Main Tournament can be located here : https://lowlidev.com.au/battleborn/tournaments-choctaw-2017

Q : How was the Gear List decided?
A : A Team at Gearbox Software had sent us a list of what they feel is Tournament Approved Gear!

Q : Will that Gear List be provided on Accounts at the Choctaw Festival of Gaming?
A : Yes, the Gear List will already be added on all Accounts at the Choctaw Festival of Gaming!

Q : Will Accounts be provided or do we need to log in to our own Accounts?
A : Accounts will be on each PS4 for everyone to use!

Updated 2/3/17

See you in Choctaw Oklahoma!

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