Choctaw Event Rules

General Rules


Event/Venue Rules


  • No wireless controllers!  (This is just for Street Fighter 5 and Smash 4)
  • Turbo buttons are not allowed. (This is just for Street Fighter 5 and Smash 4)
  • Equipment issues will require a decision made solely by Versus Gameplay
  • You must provide your own controller/joystick. Versus Gameplay staff will not lend out any controllers/joysticks.
  • Blind select is available by request.
  • Programmable controllers and/or turbo functions are banned, and if a player is found using any such function will immediately forfeit the game.
  • You will be able to take pictures at your own leisure. Recording video of streamed matches is not allowed. If clarification is needed, contact any staff member throughout the event.
  • All the pools for a particular game will be running at the same time. The schedule is posted on the website, Facebook page, and the appropriate thread, and a copy will be available on site. You really have no excuse. When your name is called, you have only five (5) minutes to report to your match. Failure to appear after those 5 minutes will result in a loss. Absolutely no exceptions! And no crying about it!
  • All raffle drawings will happen on Saturday and Sunday during finals day at [TIME TBA]. If you are not present during the drawings, you cannot win. Raffles are ticket based, and you ARE allowed to give your tickets to a friend and let him win for you, especially in the event that you must leave early and your friend can stay for the raffle drawings. Some raffles will be held via twitter and Twitch, if you wish to claim the prize you will be asked to provide a address for the Versus Gameplay staff.


  • Gambling is not allowed on the tournament.
  • Cheating is not tolerated and will result in immediate ejection.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed unless you are in the restaurant area of the hotel or otherwise permitted.
  • Taking a loss to manipulate brackets/pools is poor sportsmanship and will result in disqualification from the tournament.
  • Anyone caught stealing Equipment from the event or possessions from another person will result in criminal prosecution.
  • Anyone caught fighting will result in immediate ejection from the tournament and a ban from future tournaments.
  • No smoking or vaping allowed in the venue
  • Must provide a valid ID during sign-up and registration.
  • Bags may be checked upon entering and exiting the venue.
  • All participants who win money must be over the age of 18 with ID, or have a parent or guardian present at time of payment.
  • All participants who win $600 or more may be required to fill out legal paperwork before their winnings can be collected.
  • Cheering and jeering from the crowd is perfectly fine, but once trash talk stops being playful and starts being malicious, you have crossed the line and will be asked to leave the venue.  Do not to try to make other attendees uncomfortable. You will not be warned.  Control yourself and treat others with respect.

Just a suggestion

  • Personal hygiene is key. We plan to have a lot of people onsite, and we want everyone to be as confrontable as possible.
  • You might want to wear a surgical mask and carrying hand sanitizer. This can help you from catching any unwanted germs.






  • Game version: US Nintendo WiiU
  • Game Settings: 2 Stock, 6 Minute Time Limit, Items Off, Equipment Off, 2/3 Games
  • Amiibo’s are banned.
  • Order of events: Pick characters, then stage striking, then custom move selection.
  • Custom moves are banned.
  • Available Stages:: Battlefield, Final Destination, Smashville, Lylat Cruise, Town & City, Castle Siege, Delfino Plaza, Duck Hunt, Halberd


  • Following stages decided by winner banning one stage from all stages and then loser choosing.
  • First stage is decided by banning from the Starter Stages in P1(1)-P2(2)-P1(2)-P2(2)-P1(1) order.
  • Winning player is not locked into the same character for the next match, but has to pick before loser selects character.
  • You may not choose a stage you have already won on unless mutually agreed to.
  • You may not play on a stage that is not on the available stages list. This will result in a double disqualification.
  • Maximum allowed time between games is 60 seconds. Any player violating this rule will be issued a loss.
  • There will be no loading anything on to the consoles from a Nintendo portable gaming system.
  • Allowed controllers: WiiU Pro Controller & GameCube Controller.


Street Fighter V (Using the Capcom Tour ruleset standard. This is not a Capcom pro event)


Choosing Sides: When both players are at the game console, they must come to an agreement which side of the machine they will play on (who will sit on 1p and who will sit on 2p). If an agreement cannot be reached, a game of rock-paper-scissors will determine who gets to pick their side.

Choosing Characters: There are 3 methods for choosing characters: Standard Selection, Double Blind Selection, and Side and Character Courtesy. If the players do not discuss the method of character selection, it should be understood that the Standard method is being used. If the players cannot come to an agreement on the method of character selection, the judge will apply the double blind method.

  1. Standard Selection: Both players choose their characters whenever they want. This is a free for all. Players pick who they want and go. Once either player chooses a character, neither is allowed to request that the Double Blind Selection method be used.
  2. Double Blind Selection: Either player must explicitly ask for the Double Blind Selection method before either player chooses a character. When a player requests Double Blind, the player on the left side (1p) decides which characters and modes (e.g. Ultras) they will choose and whispers his selection to the Tournament Organizer. The Tournament Organizer then signals the player on the right (2p) to pick his characters and play modes. Once the player on the right (2p) has finished, the Tournament Organizer makes sure the player on the left (1p) sticks to his original choices.
  3. Side and Character Courtesy: As a courtesy, the player who received his choice of which side to play on (1p vs 2p) can elect to choose his character first. This is strictly a courtesy. A player is in no way required to do so.

Playing the Match: Once sides and characters have been chosen, the players should begin the first Game in the Match. The following rules go into effect once a Game ends

  1. The Match is over when either player wins the required number of games.
  2. Once a player has won the required number of games, the winner of the Match should report the result to the Tournament Organizer.
  3. If there are still Games to be played, the player who lost the Game has the option of switching sides (1p vs 2p) for the next Game.
  4. The player who won the game does not have the option of switching sides. He must stay on the same side if the loser does not want to switch.
  5. The player who won the last Game is required to keep the same character.
  6. The player who lost the last Game is allowed to choose whatever character they wish.

Reporting Rule Violations: At some point during the tournament, a player may violate either the tournament rules or the rules for a particular game in a tournament. The following rules apply toward rectifying rule violations.

  1. It is the responsibly of the players in the Match to detect all Match Rule violations and report them to the Tournament Organizer immediately.
  2. ALL non-gameplay rule violations must be reported to the Tournament Organizer before the Game starts (e.g. the winner switching the characters after winning one Game in a Match).
  3. Players are not allowed to stop a Game in progress to address a non-gameplay related rule violation. Stopping a Game in progress to report a non-gameplay rule violation will result in the forfeiture the round on the part of the person stopping the game.
  4. The only time a player is allowed to stop a Game to report a rule violation is when that violation occurs during the middle of the match.
  5. Stopping a Game in progress to erroneously report a rule violation automatically results in the forfeiture of the round by the player who stopped the game.
  6. Rule violations must be reported at the time they occur. Otherwise, they will be ignored.
  7. A Tournament Organizer is allowed to report any rule violations on behalf of a player.
  8. If a Tournament Organizer stops a game to mis-report a rule violation, the Game is replayed with both players picking the same characters, order, and side. No one is disqualified.
  9. The only people allowed to stop a Game to report a violation are the Tournament Organizer and the players.
  10. If a player accidentally or intentionally stops his game for any other reason, he will forfeit the round. Examples include accidentally pressing the start button on his controller to pause the match, unplugging his or his opponent’s controller, etc. If the game cannot be restarted from the exact point of interruption, the player is forced to forfeit the Game.
  11. Match interruptions beyond the players’ control (e.g. the game crashes or freezes) will be dealt with directly by the Tournament Organizer. All best attempts will be made to resume the round from where it left off. If that cannot be accomplished, the Game will be replayed with both players picking the same characters and modes.

Reporting Equipment Failure: Video game hardware can malfunction during tournaments. Buttons or joysticks will occasionally break down in the middle of a match, leaving the player on the broken side at a significant disadvantage. The following rules will be used in the event of a breakdown.

  1. In the event of an equipment failure, they player has the option to stop the Game in progress to obtain a replacement.
  2. If a Game is stopped in progress, the reporting player must forfeit the current round.
  3. New equipment must be immediately available. If replacement equipment cannot be obtained in a timely manner, the player must continue to play on their current equipment or forfeit the Match.
  4. Once replacement equipment is obtained, the player is given the rest of the round to configure their buttons and test the new equipment. If the player gains an undue advantage by doing so (e.g. charging an abundance of super meter), they must forfeit the Game.
  5. A player may opt to switch out equipment between Games with no penalty. When this occurs, the player will be given ample time to configure his buttons before the next Game begins.

Additional Rules:

  1. There will be no ties in any tournament. Anyone refusing to play any Match (including the finals) will be disqualified and forfeit all rights to any titles or prizes, they might have otherwise earned for that tournament.
  2. A draw match as determined by the game must be replayed, unless the game awards the draw to a player.
  3. Inevitable Defeat rule is in effect. This is defined as when a player has legally won the round or match (i.e. landed a move that will kill the opponent) but pauses the game before the game awards the round won icon, will still be awarded the win. The most common occurrence of this rule is when Player 1 lands a super on Player 2, but the Critical Art animation is a grab and the damage is not awarded till the final hit connects, but the opponent has legally lost the round. If there is a dispute over whether the move would have knocked out the other player, a tournament official will un-pause the match, see the result of the action, and proceed from there. If the attack does not kill the opponent, then the mid game pause rules are in effect.
  4. Collusion of any kind with your competitors is considered cheating. If the Tournament Organizer determines that any competitor is colluding to manipulate the results or intentionally underperforming, the collaborating players may be immediately disqualified. This determination is to be made at the sole discretion of the Tournament Director. Anyone disqualified in this manner forfeits all rights to any titles or prizes they might have otherwise earned for that tournament.
  5. Tournament Organizer has a zero tolerance policy toward violence, threats of violence, and any other forms of threats or intimidation. Any threat of violence, extreme intimidation, or violence of any kind will result in an immediate and lifetime ban.
  6. Gambling is prohibited in and/or around the video game event hall.

These rules are an attempt to ensure that the tournament runs fairly and as smoothly as possible. However, unforeseen circumstances may require a special response, and for that reason the Tournament Organizer reserves the right to change any of the tournament rules or remove any player at any time, for any reason, at their sole discretion.



Battleborn Rules

Tournament Rules/Format
– Platform : PS4
– Double Elimination
– GameType : 5v5 Captains Draft Mode
– Game Modes : Meltdown and Incursion
– Maps : The Striking System will be used to determine Maps and Sides
– Gear Set : Tournament Approved Gear Set –
– Matches : Best of 3
Game 1 : Meltdown
Game 2 : Incursion
Game 3 : Meltdown
– Brackets are located on


Choctaw Festival of Gaming and Online Qualifier – Battleborn

Q : How do Non-PS4 Players Participate in the Online Qualifier?
A : Unfortunately Cross-Platform play is not supported, therefore you have to be on a PS4 in order to Participate in the Online Qualifier!

Q : What is the point of the Online Qualifier?
A : The Online Qualifier is to help determine seeding at the Main Event! It is also determine which teams will be Flown out to the Event and given a tour of Gearbox!

Q : Can I still go to the Main Tournament at Choctaw if I do not participate in the Online Qualifier?
A : Yes even if you do not participate in the Online Qualifier you can still attend the Choctaw Festival of Gaming to compete. Your team will just be given a random seeding.

Q : Will you guys be streaming the Online Qualifier?
A : Yes we will! The stream will be on !

Q : Can we stream our point-of-view during the Online Qualifier?
A : Sure! Just be sure to promote the Main Stream!

Q : Will there be a Discord for this Online Qualifier?
A : Yes! One is in the process of being made and a link will be distributed to all the Captains to join prior to the start of the event.

Q : Where and How do I report my Matches?
A : You can report your Matches by providing Picture Proof of all Games involved in your current Match with the names of both teams in the Report Channel of the Discord.

Q : If I have any questions during the Event where can I ask them?
A : You can ask them in the Support Channel on Discord.

Q : What if a Team uses a Legendary Item during the Online Qualifier?
A : The use of a Legendary Item during the Online Qualifier will result in a Map forfeit. It is the responsibility of the opposing team to take picture proof of the opposition having activated the Legendary Item. You can report this with the picture proof in the Disputes Channel on Discord.

Q : What if we have a Dispute regarding the outcome of the match, or gameplay during the match?
A : All Disputes must be reported in the Disputes Channel.

Q : How do we get a Tournament Admin if Match Escalation is needed?
A : You can request to have one in the Support Channel on Discord. Be sure to state your reason for Match Escalation while requesting for an Administrator.

Q : What is the Strike System for Map Voting?
A : The Strike System is something similar to what they use in other Esports. For Map 1, Team A will choose one map to not be played, Team B will then choose the other map to not be played, the Third Map will be the one that is played. Team A will then either choose Team 1 or Team 2. Team B will be the remaining team. For Map 2, it will be the exact same except Team B will choose the Map First and will choose what Team they would like to be on. For Map 3, it will be the exact same as Map 1. Team A will be the Top Seeded team for this Tournament, whereas Team B will be the Lowest Seeded team.

EX : Game Mode : Incursion – Team 1 chooses to strike Echelon, Team 2 chooses to strike Monuments, remaining Map to be played is Overgrowth! Team 1 chooses Team A’s side, Team 2 will then be on Team B’s side.

Q : What are the Gear Rules for the Online Qualifier?
A : Anything is allowed to use but Legendaries!

Q : Is the Gear set for the Online Qualifier the same as the Main Tournament?
A : No it is not, the Main Tournament has a dedicated Gear Set.

Q : Where can I find the Gear Rules for the Main Tournament?
A : The allowed pieces of Gear for the Main Tournament can be located here :

Q : How was the Gear List decided?
A : A Team at Gearbox Software had sent us a list of what they feel is Tournament Approved Gear!

Q : Will that Gear List be provided on Accounts at the Choctaw Festival of Gaming?
A : Yes, the Gear List will already be added on all Accounts at the Choctaw Festival of Gaming!

Q : Will Accounts be provided or do we need to log in to our own Accounts?
A : Accounts will be on each PS4 for everyone to use!

Updated 2/3/17


For Honor 

Brawl 2v2


Brawl is a mode that focuses on the joint effort of two players to eliminate the opposing two players to win the round (best of five by default). Players have the choice of trying to focus down on one enemy player at a time, tactically switch between enemies, or respectfully duel the other two combatants separately, without interfering with their teammates opponent (commonly known as “Honour Rules”). If the teams decide not to follow honour rules however, once they enter into a 1v2 scenario, this can become very intense and could be especially satisfying to watch one player take down two enemy players alone.


There is also a revive mechanic in Brawl, where teammates can revive their fallen allies, however, if a player is executed (an ability that can be used if you kill an enemy with a heavy attack), that player will not be able to be revived during that round.


Dominion Rules

  • Lobby Settings
    • Auto Add Bots: Disabled
    • Gear Stats: Disabled
  • Mode Settings
    • Round Based Modes
      • Round Timer: 3 Minutes
      • Round to Win: Best of 5 Rounds
    • Score Based Modes
      • Game Score: 1000
      • Timer: 20 Minutes