Want to volunteer for Absolute Battle 7?

August 24th-27th, 2017

Comfort Inn  | 700 East Central Parkway | Plano, Texas 75074

It’s that time of year again! Absolute Battle 8 is around the corner and we need your help. This year’s tournament is Aug.24 through the 27th. This will be our biggest event yet. If possible, we would appreciate just a few hours of your time. If selected, we will provide The following:

-Food and drinks

-Staff shirt

-You are also free to enter any of the tournaments without paying the venue/spectator fees. (Pot fees still apply)

-Limited overnight space, and staff break-room.


We need help in the following positions:

  • Bracket runners
  • Breakdown and drop-off on Sunday
  • Graphic Art Support
  • Q&A Support
  • Setup on Thursday and Friday (event signage, furniture arrangement, and audio/video)
  • Signups
  • Social Media updates
  • Staff Room Support
  • Stream Commentators
  • Stream/Production Support
  • Vendor Support


If you’re interested, please apply below. We plan on hosting a “kick-off/how to” get together before the event. There we will explain what to expect during the tournament and answer any questions you may have. Thanks in advance and we hope to see you all at AB6!


10am – 10pm
Early pass pickup, door signups 
7pm-9pm  ///  9pm-11pm

6pm to 12am
Audio Video setup, Venue signage setup 
10am-1pm  ///  1pm-5pm  ///  6pm-12pm


10AM – 5PM

12am-2pm  ///  2pm-4pm  ///  4pm-6pm

5PM- 12AM

4pm-6pm  ///  6pm-8pm  ///  8pm-10pm  ///  10pm-12am


7:00am – 10pm

8am-10am  ///  10am-12pm  ///  12pm-2pm  ///  2pm-4pm  ///  4pm-6pm  ///  6pm-8pm  ///  8pm-10pm  ///  10pm-12am

9:00am – 8:00pm  |  Running tournament brackets


12:00pm – 3:00pm

11am-2pm  ///  2pm-4pm  ///  4pm-6pm

Venue breakdown and drop off 

4pm-6pm  ///  6pm-8pm  ///  8pm-10pm

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