Cosplay Contest Rules


Absolute Battle is trying something new this year for those who go above and beyond. Come dressed as your favorite character, preferably one featured at AB6, and you could win prizes and praise from your peers. Do it for bragging rights, or just because it’s fun!

The rules for entry are as follows:

1. 75% of the cosplay should be self-made.

While we encourage everyone to dress up at AB6, contestants competing for a prize must do so wearing a costume they made themselves, not one bought or commissioned elsewhere. Portions of the cosplay may be purchased, for example a pair of basic shoes or a basic wig. However, extensive alterations to basic items, such as unique boot designs or elaborate wig work, must be completed by the contestant themselves.

2. The person entering the cosplay contest must be the one who made the costume.

However, the person who made the costume does not necessarily have to be the one to wear it in the contest. VGP allows a costume entrant to have a model to wear the costume for the competition. Bear in mind, though, that the prize will only be given to the creator of the costume.

3. The top 4 contestants will be decided by audience participation, with the contest host as the final judge.

This is a fun contest, and we want all event attendees to have a chance to participate and see all the great costumes! We will let the audience pick their favorite costumes with applause. The final decision on placement will be up to the host, based on the level of applause for each contestant.

4. Have fun!

Be creative and go all out!

All contestants must be registered for the contest before 12pm Saturday, September 26. Contest starts at 2pm. We only require a spectator pass for registration. The pass is $10 online or $15 at the door. You don’t need another pass if you’ve already purchased a competitor pass.

Prizes: To Be Announced


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