Think you’re the best Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat fighter in the DFW? Here’s your chance to prove it. VGPro League helps distinguish the players that walk the walk and those that just talk the talk. Join the league, help level up DFW, and become the final boss of the community.

Interested in joining? Trying to figure out how VGPro League works? Well it starts with you!

VGPro League is intended to show your skill among the best Dallas/Fort Worth fighters. Players get rewarded for competing and winning. Join our weeklies, D-Town Beatdown, and of course Absolute Battle to accumulate points. The larger the tournament, the stronger the fighters, and the importance of the event determines how many points you may receive.

There will be two seasons a year. The first season ends just before EVO and finals consist of Top 8. The second season will end in the winter. Top 8 finals will consist of playercard intros for all eight participants with potential interviews and additional perks. Stay tuned for more benefits and perks later.

Mortal Kombat X Weekly – Every FRIDAY
Street Fighter V Weekly – Every SATURDAY
Pokken Tournament Weekly – Every SUNDAY

*Days depend on events and availability and are subject to change. Other dates may contribute to ranking system. Be on the look out for other Versus Gameplay events.

Who will hold the DFW crown?

Season One Ends July 9th  //  Top 8 July 23rd
You must compete in two of our qualifying events to recieve points. We highly recommend that you use one handle name to make sure you receive your points.

Street Fighter V Rankings

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Mortal Kombat X Rankings

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Pokken Tournament Rankings

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