PxG Partners with VGP

By January 26, 2015News

New Year. New Experiences.

2015 marks a new movement for Versus Gameplay and PandaXGaming! Two strong up and rising groups join together to bring the FGC community into a brighter light. There are a lot of plans mapped out for this year and we hope you join us as we make moves to exceed top tier. With our new partnership, comes new branding. We’re currently working on PandaXGaming’s new branding starting with the new logo. Follow both groups to see more designs soon.

Who is Panda X Gaming?

PxG is live gaming and production at it’s finest! PandaxGaming is a local video broadcasting/gaming company based out of Central Arkansas. They host, broadcast and attend multiple gaming events nationally. Be sure to check them out at the following websites to learn more and become more involved!

Facebook: PandaxGaming
Twitter: @SolidXPanda
Twitch USA: PandaXGaming
Twitch EU: PandaXGaming
YouTube: SolidXPanda

Visit PandaXGaming.com for your one stop place for 24/7 Street Fighter action!

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